3 Stages of Kratom Tolerance: Know What Stage You Are In

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Tolerance is a common effect amongst kratom users. You can become tolerant of anything in the world. When something happens or is consumed regularly for a long time, you become habitual or tolerant of it. And you may want more of it to feel the joy of it. 

An analysis of kratom users’ reports reveals that tolerance starts to develop within 8-10 months of regular kratom powder or capsule usage. Users report that they have to increase the dose to get the same effect after 3 months of regular use. By regular we mean daily use.

According to experts, when you increase the dose know that you are heading towards developing tolerance. It’s already started, as your brain receptors have become too habitual to feel the effects in the same intensity as the previous dose. 

Stages of kratom tolerance 

The tolerance of kratom has three stages, as categorized by researchers trying to understand how the herb works. Know at what stage you are so that you can adjust the dose accordingly. 

Be careful when you use kratom extracts because they are in highly concentrated forms. You can develop tolerance quickly. You can also overdose easily. Use extract-containing products like Maeng Da Liquid Kratom Extract Shot wisely. Such products work wonders, yet are to be used in a controlled manner for the best effect. 

  • Mild tolerance

You enter the mild tolerance stage when you realize you must increase the dose a bit to achieve the desired effects. 

This usually happens when, in your excitement, you experiment with taking a bigger dose of kratom. Or you might take it frequently or several times a day. These are unwise ways of using Kratom. They lead you to the path of high tolerance later. 

Because kratom in Delaware is available easily, you might use it daily. You are never short of supply. However, experts advise going kratom free in between. 

  • The sweet spot

You have entered your sweet spot when you are comfortable with the present dose. You are still away from the danger zone, but a little carelessness can take you on the path of developing tolerance. 

So, enjoy your kratom at this stage and stay at your sweet spot. Use kratom for energy or any other purpose frequently, but not daily. This is a great way to avoid developing tolerance. 

  • High tolerance

Once you take off from your sweet spot, you are well into the path of high tolerance. Because then, there won’t be any looking back. You would increase the dose every now and then. It is a challenge to take a U-turn from here. 

The worse part is that you start experiencing side effects of kratom, as you continue to increase the dose. Kratom in huge amounts is also sedative in nature, even the white strains. So, instead of feeling energetic and light, you start feeling drowsy and heavy. 

There is an urgent need to taper off the dose, lest you may harm your health. At this stage, you are not using kratom, but abusing it. 

Before you search for “kratom near me,” promise yourselves that you will take this herb wisely. 

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