3 Reasons Why You Should Give a Damn about Mental Health

If there is one thing that we do not talk about enough that is men and their mental health. Often considered a taboo in the world, we live in a world where we do not give this much importance to this topic at hand. 

According to the best sexologist in Karachi, most of the time men suffer from this sexual prowess due to their mental health issues. That is not the only reason. Men tend to suffer from a lot of issues if they are dealing with stressful conditions. That is why it is important for us to talk about these issues more. 

The Underlying Stigma


We literally have been ignoring the fact that men are reluctant towards sharing these kinds of issues because they have been trained to do so. This has been causing some serious issues in this gender which is driving them on the edge of even killing themselves. 

The reason men face this issue where it is not easy for them to talk about what goes inside their minds. 

Men do not want to even admit the fact that they may be suffering from any mental disorders such as anxiety or stress. This is due to the fact that men are subjected to maintain a macho image. This image does not give them a chance to be vulnerable or even open. 

We need to be aware of the fact that this type of mindset is outdated and ancient. 

Gone were the days when mental health was not even considered a medical issue. People were so adamant in their beliefs that they were ignorant of the fact that mental issues are real and do affect a lot of people.

These thoughts and mindset are the part of the previous generations who were reluctant that men are the supreme creatures of nature and they should behave in that said manner. 

But now with the recent surge in medicine and a better understanding of the human mind people are more accepting of the fact that mental health is an issue of grave importance.

 The Common Men’s Mental Health Issues 

  • Stress

A feeling that puts a person on a fine balance of what is expected and what they can deliver. The ability of a person takes a toll when they are distressed. 

Although people tend to associate it with just the working condition, stress is not limited to just work. It can be triggered by any event that causes a person to underperform in any sector of life. 

If you can manage your stress, it can act as a driving goal and can take you one step closer to your goals. But high and unregulated levels of stress can cause a condition that is hypertension. 

  • Anxiety

One of the most common issues of mental health is this one. Anxiety can be labeled as a constant state of worrying about things and fearing the unknown. 

There is not a discrete cause that you can pinpoint as the main reason for it. On the other hand, anxiety can result because of a number of underlying and unresolved issues. 

People need to understand the fact that anxiety is a real issue and that we need to take this seriously. Anxiety is so much more than just a feeling of nervousness and being worried. It can even lead to a crippling experience that can affect your everyday life.

  • Depression

An intense feeling of sadness accompanied by loneliness that lasts for an unknown period of time such as for days, weeks, and even months is depression. Depression is a slow killer as it interferes with people’s daily life and renders them useless. 

It is okay to talk about depression and get help, rather than feeling like you do not belong to the world and you should just quit. 

The Bottom Line

Mental health is as much of a health problem as diabetes or cardiac arrest. In this modern world, it is not a taboo or a topic that should not be touched. People are more vocal about their struggles and public stance towards the acceptance of mental health as an issue is also changed. 

If you are feeling lonely or not part of this world you should talk to your primary health care advisor and get a consultation. 



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