3 Best Timepiece From The Patek Nautilus Collection

One of the most battle-tested wristwatch manufacturers that have ever existed in the market is Patek Philippe which also strikes as many to be an icon in wrist watch making. Their excellent wristwatch productions are aesthetic to look at, and the longer you stare, the more you will fall in love with its unique design.

Suppose you are having a hard time choosing from their different and diverse wristwatch collection. Here are some of the best wristwatches from the Patek Nautilus collection that you should contemplate with your thoughts for your next wrist watch purchase in today’s market.

Best Timepiece From The Patek Nautilus Collection

1. Nautilus Blue Dial Men’s Calendar Watch

Our introductory wristwatch from the Patek Nautilus collection is the model 5740/1G-001, made with unique functions. The most unusual way about this timepiece is how it helps you keep track of the date all year round. This timepiece has a function that tells you the day, week, and month with its three sub-dial functions.

If you are looking for a timepiece that helps you keep track of the current date, this is the timepiece for you. It is like a wristwatch and a calendar at the same time. Given the unique functionalities of this timepiece, you will also be getting a beautiful and astonishing design with its blue dial and luminescence hands that help you check your time during the night.


This timepiece is also made to face different adventures as it is made with a white gold material both in its casing and band to keep the timepiece luxurious and durable at the same time. This 40 millimeters diameter and 8.42 millimeters height timepiece with a shape cushion will be a comfortable option for individuals with big wrist sizes.

2. Nautilus Rose Automatic Gold Dial Ladies Watch

The secondary timepiece that we will be presenting to you is another from the Patek Nautilus collection. The model 7118/1R-010 is a lady’s timepiece that you will want to have if you want to achieve a stunning first impression and, at the same time, sophisticated. This timepiece will be an accessory that you can use for your special events and occasions.

It is given that this timepiece shouts luxury as it is viewed from afar. One reason for that is the rose gold materials used in making its casing and band. It is also one of the best features that this wristwatch can offer to its wearers. The dial color of gold is matched with the exterior parts of this wristwatch, made with rose gold, making it shine and an eye-catching timepiece to wear.

It is a simple timepiece that has the straightforward function of helping you keep track of your time. You will also have a date function to keep track of the current date, located at the 6oclock marker. Lastly, the water resistance of this timepiece is a good addition in making this wristwatch immune to water damage about 60 meters deep.

3. Nautilus Blue Dial Men’s Watch

The third and final wristwatch in our recommendation is the model 5712/1A-001 from the Patek Nautilus collection. This timepiece belongs to the group of timepieces that are simple and yet sophisticated types of wristwatches today. It does its job in helping you keep your time, and in addition to that, it has sub-dials that have their way of helping you keep track of your time and date.

The overall look of this timepiece seems to be regular with its stainless steel materials for its casing and strap. However, as you look at its dial, you will fall in love with the crip details that it offers to its wearers. You will be able to quickly distinguish the time and read even the most minor information embedded in its dial. It also has luminous hands for keeping track of time in the dark places.

This analog type of timepiece has the Patek Philippe Calibre 240 PS IRM C LU movements with 29 jewels and a 48-hour reserve. In addition to all of those functions, you will also be able to have a power reserve indicator and a water resistance feature that allows you to submerge this timepiece in a more or less 60 meters deep.


The Patek Philippe brand is one of the paramount in wristwatch making for generations now. As they offer a diverse option of the timepiece in today’s market, you will choose a proper timepiece that best suits your daily lifestyle. You should also consider selecting the timepiece that tells your personality and fashion.

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