10 Tips to find a flat in Pune without brokerage

Renting a flat in Pune involves several challenges and tenants should focus more on certain important things that will help meet essential needs. One of the main problems faced by a tenant while renting a flat is the brokerage because it will result in excess expenses. Most flat owners in Pune live outside the city or country and have tie-ups with brokers when it comes to renting. Therefore, tenants should choose a flat on rent in Pune without brokerage that will help save more money. They should know how to choose the same in various ways to witness peace of mind. 

Guidelines to find a flat in Pune without brokerage 

  1. Drawing up a budget to calculate the rent amount 

Before looking for a rental flat in Pune, tenants should prepare a budget to know how much amount they can spend monthly. A tenant shouldn’t spend 30% of his/her income on the cost of housing. It is wise to calculate what price range he/she can afford for rent that gives ways to make the right decision. 

  1. Searching for a preferred property 

Anyone who relocates to Pune should consider searching for a preferred property that is very close to their office/workplace. This will help a lot to save money on various things. Another thing is that it provides methods to minimize expenses considerably. Moreover, a tenant can reach his/her office as soon as possible. 

  1. Shortlisting a property 

A tenant should shortlist a flat in Pune by using various online portals. He/she can select a flat that suits his/her budget. The internet allows tenants to get the details of flats owned by landlords easily and they can select them based on their choices. On the other hand, it is important to make sure that the information is accurate including the images. 


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  1. Communicating directly with a flat owner 

Tenants should contact a flat owner directly instead of a broker or agent. They should confirm that a flat doesn’t have any brokerage that will help save money. It is necessary to find the flats that are under the owner’s control. Having direct contact with a flat owner allows a tenant to save money on brokerage fees. 

  1. References 

Getting references from colleagues and others enable tenants to find flats in Pune without paying any brokerage. Furthermore, references show ways to select a flat type that fits the requirements of a tenant. They let new tenants get more ideas about flat rentals in various locations with ease thereby helping to invest money depending on the needs. 

  1. Visiting the rental flats in person 

A tenant should consider visiting rental flats in person after searching and shortlisting them online. Making a physical visit to a flat allows tenants to make sure that it is the same that exists on a website. Not only that, it provides methods to ensure that a flat is in a good condition. A tenant can even have a look at the neighborhood to determine whether it meets his/her expectations. Visiting a rental flat in person lets tenants plan their moving process quicker. 

  1. Facebook groups 

Nowadays, social media platforms help tenants to find flats in Pune without brokerage which will reduce expenses. Many landlords and flat owners post their advertisements on social media enabling tenants to select a flat depending on their needs. 

  1. Opting broker free websites

In today’s digital world, it takes only a few minutes to search the details of rental flats in a location quickly. Many broker-free websites are available online and tenants can visit them to find flats without paying any brokerage. Tenants should read the reviews of websites in detail that will help select the right one accordingly. 

  1. Rental apps 

The rental apps are suitable for tenants when they want to search1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK flats at the best rates. People who want to select a flat at affordable prices can benefit a lot from them because they cater to their requirements properly. 

  1. Knowing details from the flat owner’s association 

Many flats in Pune have an owner’s association and tenants can get details about the details of a flat with one room on rent in Pune easily. Also, it will help a lot to avoid brokerage and other problems significantly.  

Things to keep in mind while renting a flat in Pune 

Tenants should know more about the rental laws before they want to rent a flat. Apart from that, they must check their financial conditions to pay security deposits quickly. It is wise to evaluate the conditions of flats including walls, bathrooms, and floors before moving that will help overcome any unwanted issues. It is important to read the terms and conditions while renting a flat in Pune that gives ways to make a move without any stress. 

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