10 Essential Steps for Effective and Efficient Onboarding

Onboarding is one of the most important parts of the hiring process.  Not only does it shape how they’ll view the company, but it can also help them decide how they want to interact and work for the company.

These ten tips will make any onboarding easier and more inspiring for new hires and ensure you set them up for success.

1- Pre Board Thoroughly

Before their first day in the office, you must preboard your employees.  Give them a rundown on what’s expected, how they should dress, and why they’re needed in the company, all before you welcome them into the offices for their first day.

2- Create a Kit Ahead of Time

Create a kit for yourself to use for everyone onboarding.  This includes a preboarding packet, a first-day survival guide, and whatever other worksheets, tax sheets, and information you’ll need every employee to fill out.  This kit will make the process easier for you.

3- Pair New Hires With Mentors

A good mentor is the best way to ensure someone succeeds.  This gives them someone to look up to and ensures that they won’t feel alone or isolated at the company.  With someone for them to look up to, they’ll feel ready to push forward.

4- Involve Managers

Have managers introduce themselves and interact with the new hires.  Doing this will inspire them to see how far they can go within the business and give them someone to talk to if they have concerns.

5- Get Job-Specific Above All

Be specific about the job.  Although you should train them about the company, getting into the nitty-gritty of their position ensures that they won’t be left wondering what the point of it is.

6- Ensure Everyone’s Well Trained on HR Needs

It’s vital that you thoroughly train employees on how they should behave when interacting with other employees, or they could risk HR violations.  Onboarding is the most important place to set boundaries in the workspace.  

7- Automate Everything You Can

Automating parts of the process will ensure that you save time and work and can have it happen when you need it to.

8- Do Something Special For Them

Make the new hires feel special!  This could mean bringing them breakfast every Monday of the training or even pinning their pictures on a wall to welcome them to the office.

9- Ease Anxieties and Talk It Out

If your new hires are anxious, that’s normal.  Talk to them, ask what their concerns are, and answer any questions they have so you can ease these anxieties.  

10- Give Them the Tools For Success

There’s no such thing as being over-prepared when working for a new company.  Help them succeed by giving them all of the tools they’ll need.

Every Onboarding Should be Inspiring

Whether you have to onboard dozens of people every month or only a couple of people a year, make sure the new employees feel inspired and ready to work!  These are your future coworkers; give them a reason to help the company succeed.

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